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About Me

Widad Nash, received her Acmos Bioenergy Diploma in 1994. In 1995 she established the Acmos Center in Istanbul Turkey. In 2007 she established the Acmos Monaco International Center, and helped integrate Spa Therapy with Acmos, to create the Acmos Bıoenergy Spa technique.

She has been teaching the Acmos Method since 2000

and is part of the International Team, teaching regularly in Paris and other countries. 

She currently lives in Turkey where she practices and teaches She continues to study and research energy medicine and other natural healing methods. 


ACMOS Benefits



Aligns and balances cosmic and earth polarity ,chakras, energy fields and circuits



Strengthens the immune system by restoring missing resources detected by resonance.



Stimulates cellular activity for

self healing 


    Helps release energy blockages, (negative memories, traumas)



      Helps bring out our own power to realize our full potential,



Strengthens the body and helps discharge it from electronic and environmental pollution 



Measures and regulates energy in

and around the body.

It also measures the energy of food, water, vitamins, herbs, objects, jewellery, places and animals.  

Low quality frequencies are detected and restored with resonance.

Acmos Antenna

Restores the body's energy and it's meridian circuits.

It can also be used to activate:

energy of food, water, objects, places, crystals, animals and more.


The complete Acmos Valise for

the energy check up  and balance.

It comprises natural products:

Essential oils, minerals, homeopathy, trace elements, and herbs.

Chromotherapy for Toxin elimination  

and the Acmos instruments

Acmos Valise


Happy Clients 

Thank you Widad . "I feel more lively and much happier ! .”

- Zeynep K.


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